30 Weeks

30 weeks means…around 10 weeks to go! Eek! The remainder of this post will be in list form because that is how my brain is currently functioning, enjoy.

-I got a nasty virus this week. I spent a day and a half at home from work with a fever and then saw my doctor because I’m being a good preggo. Thankfully he determined that it was just a virus and nothing more serious. My Rx was lots of sleep, water, Tylenol and Benadryl. I am thankful to be feeling a lot better, just still coughing up some leftover junk.

-Last weekend was baby shower #1 hosted by my SIL. She did such a great job and it was so much fun getting to celebrate with dear friends! I feel very blessed that so many people want to help my husband and I welcome our lil’ man into the world.





-I’m out of breath all of the time. My lungs are getting seriously cramped up in there along with all of my other organs.

-Rolling over in bed is an embarrassing task. I am not graceful whatsoever. The task of rolling over to switch sides includes a good solid push, bounce and huff. My husband loves it.

-The belly is growing. Some days I don’t notice my belly and other days I get a glimpse of my reflection and realize that I’m ‘that pregnant girl.’ Or someone mentions how pregnant I look.


-Baby likes to party in my tummy between 3-5am every.single.day. He also gets the hiccups and decides to karate chop when I’m trying to focus on projects at works which is pretty amusing albeit distracting.

-I’m already ready to not be pregnant anymore. We are in the ‘uncomfortable’ stage and I’m only going to get more pregnant before it gets better. Heaven help us all.

We officially get to start counting down the weeks in single digits! That’s probably the highlight of this post :) Oh, and I start seeing the doctor every other week as of now which is making things feel even a little more real. Come on December!!!

Third Trimester!

So where we last left off was about three weeks ago when I was 25 weeks and feeling pretty okay.

However now we have hit the third trimester and I hit it HARD. I shan’t get into the debate over what is the third trimester as far as weeks go–people say the third tri is anywhere from 24-28 weeks. The day that I hit 27 weeks was like BAM. I was tired, not feeling well, nausea had returned and pregnancy brain is at an all time peak right now.

This past week was kind of rough– I had a fever one day, sore throat another and couldn’t sleep despite sheer exhaustion. When I was about to be getting all down and out, I had a serious conversation with Jesus and was like, “Yo…I need this trimester to not be awful please and thank ya.” The second half of this week has been on the upswing thank goodness!

Let’s dive into cravings first, shall we? CHEESE. Cheese all day every day. Before I got pregnant I wasn’t really big on cheese because dairy did a thang to my stomach but a few weeks ago I wanted cheese in any form. My husband attributes this to my body telling me it needed the calcium and sure enough, when I checked my pregnancy app to see what the baby was doing that week…his bones were hardening which we know requires calcium. Good job, body. I’m absolutely getting my daily dose of calcium typically via low-fat mozzarella string cheese, blocks of colby jack and Greek yogurt.

One thing that I have not been wanting much of is meat which is slightly surprising to me. Honestly, I could totally go without it and be okay. However, I know I can only get so much protein from eggs, Greek yogurt and nuts. I make myself eat some lean protein (chicken) a couple of times a week just because I’m trying to give my body the nutrients it needs.

Here’s a lil bump picture from this week…baby boy is definitely making himself known! I feel him all the time and he really enjoys dancing on my bladder when I am nowhere near a toilet (read: in the car or at the grocery store).


A couple of weeks ago my wonderful husband surprised me with Jake Owen tickets (he’s my favorite country singer) for last Friday. THEN he went ahead and surprised me with back stage passes! We got to meet Jake and we had him sign a onesie for the babe…watching Jake and my hubs talk about becoming dads was so sweet and heart-melting. Our son may just wear this onesie every day until he grows out of it because Jake’s signature is on it.


We had such a fun time and it is not a night I will soon forget :)

Not baby related…but it’s fall in case you haven’t heard. I’ve been looking forward to this fall for SO many reasons! Baby shower(s) are coming up, gone are the days of 100-degree heat and I can almost wear sweaters without getting hot in them! We are also 80-some odd days away from meeting our little boy! This fall seemed like it would never come but the further into this pregnancy I get, the faster it’s going by!


25 Weeks

It has officially been 1 month + 1 day since my last entry–oops! Pregnancy was kind of uneventful for a little while which I am very, very thankful for, yet I didn’t have many interesting things to say.

Here we are, in my 25th week of pregnancy and before I even know it, I will be 26, then 27, then 28 weeks and so on. Overall I have been feeling pretty good. I started a new job two weeks ago and am still adjusting to my new ‘adult’ schedule. Some of my days are 10-11 hours so when I come home I seriously crawl right into bed and go to sleep. Sleep is a pregnant girl’s BFF.

A few notable things that have happened recently (worth sharing)–

  • On Wednesday of last week it was raining like crazy in the morning when I was leaving for work and we have a wooden porch that gets slippery when it is wet. Me, being hurried and pregnant, slipped and fell smack right on my tail bone. I’m thankful that I fell on my bum because it could have been much worse, but I was definitely in pain walking/sitting/laying for a few days.
  • We had a doctor’s appointment this past Friday which included a sonogram. Little boy is looking good! At my 20 week scan they couldn’t see my placenta, his entire spine, or his diaphragm (and he was breech) so they ordered another scan. We got to see his perfectly formed spine, all of his little fingers and toes, his legs, his arms, his face, and that he was head down and my placenta had moved away from my cervix which is just what they needed to happen! Baby even gave us a big kick when we were looking at him!
  • I am feeling the baby much more regularly now. He is most active in the mornings when I’m driving to work, then again around lunch time. I have even started to feel him on the outside which is so cool! 
  • I feel as though my belly finally ‘popped.’ Of course when I didn’t look that pregnant, I wanted to look pregnant, and now that my belly is sticking out, it’s getting in the way! Putting on socks is no longer the easiest task, bending over is done only when absolutely necessary and shoes that do not tie are my favorites. 

I took this photo while making dinner tonight and the dish towel on the floor is a prime example of only bending over when necessary. That sad dish towel doesn’t make the cut. 

Also, sitting down is really nice. My ability to be on my feet for endless amounts of time is no more. Last weekend I went shopping for a more ‘professional’ wardrobe of maternity clothes because unfortunately, I cannot wear yoga pants to work every day. I also had to buy new shoes because my already big feet have were getting very uncomfortable in my size 11’s. I will go sob now. Just kidding. I’m thankful that Payless has cute shoes in big sizes to help out my pregnant self. 

After my doctor’s appointment last week, I was feeling really grateful that I have had an easy pregnancy thus far. I say this, because it is not the same for everyone. Some women have very rough pregnancies, if they are even able to carry their child to term. My heart aches for them, yet increases my gratitude for my journey this time around. Yes I am pregnant, but other than being round, moody and tired, I feel pretty much like myself. I am very much so looking forward to the coming months and getting closer to the time to meet our little boy. However, I tell him to not feel rushed! We don’t want him to come out before he is totally ready! That’s a whole other blog post–I am due December 20th and would rather him come late and even on Christmas if that means he is entirely healthy and ready to enter the world. 

In other happy baby things, are these not the cutest little shoes ever?! My mom bought them in Iowa and they are fitting with our Native American family history. Baby will be a blonde Indian like me! 



My next post which I will hopefully be able to write before the end of the week, will be about pregnancy and my personal health. Until then…

Week 20 + Nursery Update

Hello, all!

Week 20 is coming to a close which also means I have less time to be pregnant than I have spent being pregnant!!! If that makes any sense!

I felt our baby boy move for the first time in the 18th week but now his movements are much easier to feel! My husband can’t quite feel them yet but he seems to be most active in the mornings (he had a 5am party the other night, mom really appreciated that one) and when we are going to bed. If I lay flat on my back and push around in my stomach I can feel him pretty well, last week I felt either his head or his butt which was really cool! I can’t wait for his kicks to be stronger (sure I will regret saying that) but I’m most excited for my husband to be able to feel him kicking around.

I also received my first maternity pants that I ordered from Destination Maternity  and they are heavenly! I know people say to not spend a lot of money on maternity clothes and I didn’t ;) I am a shopper of sales and these pants were BOGO which means for $50 (including shipping) I got two great pairs of pants that I love. I’ll probably wear them post-partum too, no shame in that stretchy waistband!

We had a doctor’s appointment today and a sonogram and got to see our lil guy. He must have known it was picture day because he was napping and had his legs tightly together so we couldn’t see his goodies! Stubborn like mom and dad–this is for sure because just a few hours later I can feel him moving around in my belly. We will have another sonogram at my next appointment because they couldn’t get a clear photo of his spine or diaphragm which my doctor said wasn’t anything major to be concerned about. My blood work has come back perfectly and everything else on him is developing just beautifully! He is up to a whopping 15oz! I can’t believe that he is almost a pound…which I am holding him accountable to in regards to my weight gain.

About that weight gain…this appointment I have gained 4lbs since my last which is just about right on track with the average of 1lb per week! I am in a much better place with my weight gain than I was a few weeks ago. I am pretty proud of myself for making those improvements (sorry but I’ve gotta toot my own horn sometimes). I am still doing well at eating at least 3 vegetables per day, but don’t feel guilty when I indulge in healthy fats (avocados, peanut butter, eggs). 13lbs weight gain at 20 weeks sounds better to me than 9lbs at 16 weeks for some odd reason. I have still indulged in dessert at family dinner last week and a giant frosted cookies from my husband but I don’t feel bad about it because I’m not eating those things every day. I haven’t even had pizza in over 4 weeks!

Current cravings–steamed rice and vegetables (I seriously want this every day), pickles, fruit, sparkling water and one craving I haven’t given into recently…fettuccine alfredo! I loved the stuff as a kid and had some on our unspeakable anniversary weekend but I think about it almost daily. Drool!

Now for the nursery! I am a Pinterest fiend and had a general idea of what I wanted for the nursery…mind you it is still a work in progress. We have three bedrooms upstairs in our house and one is the master, the other was the office and the third was essentially my closet room. My husband repainted my closet room and it now houses a new (smaller) desk, storage/craft cabinets, most of my clothes and functions as our office/dressing room/craft room etc. It’s amazing how much space there was in there when we got creative! The old office has turned into the nursery which has quickly become my husband and I’s favorite room in the house.

I am not really a ‘theme’ person when it comes to home decor, but the bedding we registered for is an adorable surfing monkey so if I had to name a theme, I would call it nautical.

Here is the before–

photo 1

As for wall color, we decided that we wanted something neutral. My husband calls the color we chose ‘Johnson County Taupe.’ I like neutral because it is easier to change out decorations and add whatever accent pieces we want. I’m not a huge fan of really baby-ish decorations and I’ll be in the nursery as much (if not more!) than our little boy. PS The walls look kinda yellow in some of the photos, I promise they are not yellow!

The during–

photo 3

I love this tan that we chose because it makes the room look so much bigger! I also fell in love with a very particular accent wall via my Pinterest inspiration and one Saturday morning while I was out, my husband surprised me and had the accent wall finished when I came home.

photo 4

I love this wall more than I can even express! Now that the paint has set, the blue looks more of a true navy and our main colors will be tan and navy with bits of orange and aqua. I love it! We bought the furniture from Nebraska Furniture Mart and are waiting a little while longer before purchasing a rocker.

Above the changing table/dresser I either would like t to put one of those large wall decals of a quote or a gallery wall, I haven’t made up my mind yet on that one. We have registered for white and navy curtains that we are replacing the closet doors with (so much easier to access!) and also putting the same curtains over the window so they will all match. I painted some of our old black frames navy blue and also picked up a great frame at Kirkland’s for around $3.

photo 2-1

photo 1-1

photo 4-1

It feels really good to have this main stuff out of the way! I am a total planner and knowing that we have this much accomplished already puts me at ease. This gives us plenty of time in the coming months to put more details into the room to make sure it is fully prepared for our little boy’s arrival!

Until next time!